Sunday 25 December 2022

The Great Tibetan Expedition and A Christmas Message...

Captain Darling's adventures encompassed the length and breadth of the Globe and one of his lesser known exploits was his Expedition into the Himalayas, a treacherous mountain range that separated the Indian Subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. For this venture the good Captain travelled light and was accompanied by just 3 stout fellow Officers from his old Regiment and a single Sherpa named Bob. The plan was to cross from the great mountain range from North to South mapping a traversable route whilst keeping one eye peeled for the fabled land, Shangri-La. The band laboured for several months and arrived in the Indian Subcontinent ragged  and exhausted yet successful, yes they had mapped a route for future travellers a very good result. Rumours abounded about whether they had located Shangri-La but the entire company remained tight lipped on that fact. Fanciful stories also circulated of a terrible creature that roamed the high ground preying on the local fauna. Captain Darling laughed these tales off mentioning they meet nothing more that the 'Abominable Snow-Mouse' a friendly super sized rodent! The successful explorers left India from Bombay on a tramp steamer and headed to Africa with plans to indulge in more feats of daring do before returning to Ol' Blighty for tea and scones!

A faked photograph of Captain Darling and his purported meeting with the Abominable Snow-Mouse high in the Mountains of the Himalayas, this was a jovial aside he mentioned when questioned on the Expedition's discoveries which many took to be a distraction to cover up the actual findings made by them!

I do not usually pass on Yuletide Messages but this year with the World opening up after the ravages of Covid I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank those who take the time to read my musings and to wish them all a Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Next Time; The Violent Night Game OOBs and AAR!

Sunday 18 December 2022

The Battle of Salisbury Plain AKA Violent Night - A FUBAR VSF Tale

Dear Reader after a lengthy hiatus I again have the time to sit at my bureau, flip open the silver capstan ink well, charge my pen and recommence writing the chronicles of Captain Darling. It is with great excitement that I again put ink to parchment and transcribe a tale that has been to now lost to the ages but I have recovered from the good Captains own diaries. I will leave you in anticipation no longer…

Captains Darling and Scott at the S.O.E. Moon Expedition Research Facility Salisbury Plains, top English Space Scientist Professor Dingleberry can be seen with them. The Interplanetary Travel Pod by which they stand is ready to to loaded into the JVMG MkII Moon Cannon!

Twas December 24 1888, a wintery Christmas eve and a blanket of white covers the countryside of the counties of England. On this day the Boffins of Great Britain's S.O.E. (Stealthy Overseas Executive) where busy preparing to launch Englishmen to the Moon. Yes thanks to the JVMG Mk II Projectile Accelerator this feat was to be recognised! The date was significant the English Scientific Community wished this feat of daring do to be their Christmas Present to their major patron Queen Victoria!  The Travel Pod's two handpicked crewmen, Captains Darling and Scott accompanied by one of Her Most Imperial Majesty's Hunting Dogs were prepared for the Safari of a lifetime, a journey into the heavens! Their Expedition included the most important of items believed by the top scientists to be required for such an adventure; Sun Helmets and Eye Shades, a brace of Elephant Guns, a fully loaded Tea Caddy and several days supplies of Cucumber Sandwiches were amongst the plethora of supplies which also boasted Scott's Manservant Jeeves!

All was prepared for a breakfast launch on Christmas Day and after the Travel Pod arrived on the Lunar surface the crew would have time to enjoy a hearty morning tea before they would ignite flares that Her Most Imperial Majesty could view while dining on her sumptuous Christmas Repast. A most glorious adventure indeed, what could go wrong???


What indeed! Well the leading countries of the European Tri-Covenant had heard via their Intelligence Services of the British Moon Plan and viewed it with suspicion. They believed the British had weaponised their Moon Cannon and under the cover of an Safari to the Moon were looking at launching dangerous projectiles at important sites across the Continent in a prelude to an attempt to conquer the Mainland! The partners of this devilish coalition planned their own pre-emptive strike! France, Germany and their uncomfortable bed fellow Russia combined forces to create a raiding party that would strike at the eleventh hour, Christmas Eve. The Leaders of these three countries believed these impudent British and their Queen must be given a resounding rebuke!



So it is we find ourselves on Salisbury Plain home of the British Moon Expedition research facility on Christmas Eve 1888. All is quiet and tranquil as the sun slowly begins to set...then all hell breaks loose as the Raiding Force from across the Channel looms from over the horizon...there'll be no silent night tonight!

Captain Darling can be seen in the far left in the photograph next to the Interplanetary Travel Pod dressed in the special Garb for Moon walking, very protective: note the brimmed hat to protect the face from the Suns rays, heavy duty gloves and shin protection, the choice of white was to allow the Explorers to easily spot any injuries that may draw blood while negotiating the alien Lunar landscape!

I am hoping 2023 will be a year without ripples and I can catch up on my VSF/Alternate History stuff from 2022 and cover Captain Darling's new adventures as they unfold through 2023! I actually have several AAR's for the TSOG Blog to do as well but don't tell the other Guys that! 

Next Time; a full report with OOB covering this Violent Night, hopefully this is all worth the wait!