Tuesday 26 December 2023

Captain Darling & the Incident at the Christmas Pudding Factory!

Christmas 1874 and Mankind continued their War with the Dastardly Martian host!

December 1874 and Her Majesty's S.O.E. (Stealthy Overseas Executive) continued to try and interpret the Evil Martian High Commands intent. Thanks to their top Agent, Edward Bigger they uncovered one of the the Martian Devils most heinous plans to date, it appeared they planned to interrupt the supply of Christmas Puddings to the good citizen of the Empire! The Heads of S.O.E. shook their heads and despaired on being informed of this, was no depths of depravity that these Demons incarnate would not go!

Perseverance by S.O.E.s Agents determined the target of the Martians latest plan was the Puddin' Lady's Christmas Pudding Manufacturing Co located in Little Tinkle on Clyde, they were the premier maker of the best and largest Christmas Puddings in the Empire!

Two Martian Tripod contraptions codenamed 'Red' and 'Blue' were shadowed by Agents while the Military took action! Captain Darling and a detachment of Guardsmen were dispatched forthwith to the Christmas Pudding Manufacturing Co. they were supplied with Armoured Steam Tractors and their associated Trailers to start convoying the output of the Factory safely to distribution Centres. Also the Top Brass was gave command of the newly raised 7th Steam Power Armoured Detachment to Colonel Sir Blythe-Hamilton-Pants. Blythe-Hamilton-Pants known affectionately by his ADCs as Ol' Brown Pants was a veteran of several encounters the the Martian Fighting Machines so an obvious choice and the men selected for his force were also experienced.

It was late December on uneven and marshy ground that Sir Blythe-Hamilton-Pants Troops faced off against the Nasty Martian Machines...

A picture of Captain Darling sporting a blue tunic conversing with an officer of the Guards whilst Christmas Puddings are prepared to be loaded for transport...

The game is set up for play in three days I will keep you up to date with the result!

Next time: as above 😉 the game AAR…


  1. Those dastardly Martians!
    I am glad that Edward is on the case and I have no doubt that Captain Darling will give them a sound thrashing for their temerity to cause chaos at Christmas!
    Looking forward to the newspaper report.

  2. I’m sure you can bloody their nose Captain.

    1. Cheers! Alas the good Captain himself is not in charge of the combat forces but he will ensure he assists in any way he can, especially if it involves swashbuckling!

  3. God bless the valiant humans.... :-)
    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.