Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Evil Genius's New Lair! - Doktor Von Hades Discrete Retreat!

January 1877 and Doktor Von Hades was 'feeling the heat' as the forces of good closed in on him! After his aborted LASER deployment he was on the run and Captain Darling was hounding him. Harassed by his pursuers he was finding it difficult to enjoy his formerly relaxing morning teas on the roof of his Secret Lair and indulge in a little peaceful croquet with his Evil Henchmen on the front lawn! He needed to relocate his Evil Genius's Lair to a new even more secret location post haste! 

A new site was quickly confirmed and a great deal of preparation was taken for the move to ensure it was kept undetected. On the day of the relocation the convoy of the Doktors clock work automobiles was disguised as Harrods's transports maintain discretion! The transfer was completed without a hitch and his Evil Operations were interrupted for only a few hours!

The new secret and remote position of his Evil Genius's Lair was Carver Lane London, England. In a modest and inconspicuous two up two down his new hideaway blended in with the average Londoner's residence totally. He now felt safe again from the prying eyes of the worlds Intelligence Agencies!

Little did Doktor Von Hades know his every move was shadowed by S.O.E. Agent Edward Bigger and it wasn't long before photographs of the new Evil Genius's Lair were on the desk of Britain's highest officials and in the hands of Captain Darling!

Edward Bigger's photographs of Doktor Von Hades new and discrete Evil Genius's Lair....

Number 42 Carver Lane is a laser cut MDF kit supplied by Miniature Scenery fo the new Twisted Game Rules and Figure range...

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Miniature Scenery
 A clear picture of Number 42 Carver Lane

The Set Up...

I'll write up a full review of this building soon suffice to say here it looks cool and is an excellent design! Unfortunately when I bought this at Little Wars Melbourne I thought it was 1/56 scale for 28mm figures but its actually designed for 32mm ones...DOH...this is noticeable in the pictures with some of my Sarissa buildings...I suppose it will be fine in solo settings but not so much in group shots! Not sure but I may offer it up for sale...or maybe not it just looks perfect as an Evil Genius's Secret Lair...

Next Time - a review of the Twisted Number 42 Carver Lane Building, or perhaps the scenario details or even the AAR of my latest VSF game, The Battle of Portaloo, 18 June 1880 Belgium oh or maybe a summary of the Grand Tour!