Tuesday 17 March 2020

1/56 Tsar Tank Kit - Part 3 Completing the Kit!

Here's the last post covering the building of my Miniature Scenery 1/56 Tsar Tank...

Last time I had completed the main body and wheels of the vehicle and pre-painted the rear wheel assembly parts.

So first up I put together the Tank's rear wheel, I found the wheels were a very tight fit in the bracket so much so they don't rotate (they did on the test fit prior to painting).

This is the bottom view of the completed part notice the rectangular part that is below the pin I added this to ensure it would not slip out the bottom hole...it was cut from spare card from the kit...

Here's my tip for the day! Before spray painting laser cut MDF I pre-coat the 'cut' edges with a thin coat by brush, I find by priming the cut edges the finish is much more even. Here you can see some examples of areas I have primed...

I glued the plastic dome onto my top turret (another deviation from the instructions, it gives options of layer flats here or you can buy a file and print a dome) and primed the cut areas of the turrets...

...ready for painting!

The finished model!

...and here is the complete Tsar Tank facing off with one of my scratch built Martian Fighting Machines, I suspect the Slimy Blob inside the Alien Tripod is saying"WTF!"...

Next Time; 'Toys Soldiers' or even an AAR!

Oh did I mention Toy Soldiers well here's sneak peak of what I meant, more Robots! Captain Darling posing with the freshly constructed Automatons awaiting paint!!!


  1. This project just gets better and better.
    Great stuff Captain.

  2. Tremendous work and a very unique model 👍

    1. Thanks Matt!
      Certainly is an unusual 'tank' design...