Thursday 5 March 2020

1/56 Tsar Tank Kit - Part 2 of the Build!

So construction of this monster Tsar Tank kit is now virtually complete ('monster' makes it sound a hard build but its really very easy). I have followed the assembly instructions I downloaded closely and have not run into any issues so far (okay one issue, but that was my brain fade putting the spoke parts together). I have now stopped to allow all the glue to dry completely before I carry out painting before final assembly.

Adding the pre-painted tracks to the bicycle wheels, this complete the wheels! Woo Hoo!

This picture of adding the details to the upper hull shows the clever design ideas used throughout their kits by Miniature Scenery, here you can see how the grey card added on the left side covers a join tab that is still visible on the right. This occurs all through the kit and when done virtually all the joining tabs are hidden! 

The hull complete the upper and lower turrets to look at now!

The tail wheel assembly, both turrets and the final drives completed, I included a couple of 28mm figures into this picture...

Before adding the armour on the sponsons I will need to paint the inner turret the final colour so when they rotate no grey card will show...

The parts still required to complete the tank beside it, note the dome resting on the top turret doesn't come with the kit, you can buy a 3D file for a domed top or use three parts supplied in the kit (they are round pieces of decreasing size) here instead...

The front and rear views (with wheels resting in place) with armour cladding complete and ready for painting...

Lastly I have realised I have some 28mm WW I Germans and RCW Russians (that would make okay substitutes for WW I Russians) so beside VSF use this may get a bit of alternate history  WW I action! Below id a picture of the Tsar Tank meeting a German A7V and a French FT 17 (both Trenchworx kits)...

Next time; Maybe a completed Tsar Tank?


  1. A terrific looking model which will certainly dominate the tabletop.

    1. Hey Peter! Yeah this beast sure has some 'presence'!

  2. Looks fantastic. In the sense that I can't imagine a game with this monster that isn't pure fantasy. But what a great model. Looking forward to seeing the paintwork.

    1. Thanks Doug!
      Painting main green colour is now done just highlights and assembly to go then I will post up the results!