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Scratch Another Martian Tripod - Captain Darling Adds to his Tally! - Wrecked Martian Tripod Marker

At the height of the Second Great Martian War mankind's newly developed war machines were turning the tide against the technologically superior Martians. Attacked from the air as well as from the land the Martians were surprised by the Humans successes so they designed a new class of walkers themselves, these remote controlled units were called Drone Tripods. The new smaller Drone Tripods were armed with only a single weapon system but they gave the Aliens more machines on the ground enabling them to occupy larger tracks of land. But these Drone Tripods were also less well armoured than the full size machines and therefore much more vulnerable to the new  Armoured Wagons employed by the Human armies!

June 1874: On a fine summer afternoon Captain Darling and Lieutenant Carden-Loyd were chatting with other officers of the 12th Light Triambulator Squadron after a splendid luncheon in the Officers Mess. After their meals while they imbibed on a fine port and drew on their pipes an Orderly burst in announcing a Martian Drone Tripod had been spotted in the vicinity! While many of the officers appeared worried a broad grin formed on Captain Darlings face enhancing his ruggedly handsome features and he turned to his second in command Carden-Loyd, "Well Squiffy that was a fine repast care for some Martian Tripod for desert?" Carden-Loyd known as a bit of an eccentric as he was often seen drinking from his boot when not in the Mess was eager for action and leaping from his lush Chesterfield announced "I certainly am Ol' Man and if I don't bring this alien fellow down before you do you can butter my behind and call me a biscuit..."

Together the two men had the engineers stoke up their Armoured Triambulators and headed off for an afternoon of Martian hunting...

Two hours later both Darling and Carden-Loyd were photographed by the wreckage of the rampaging Drone Tripod, Darling scoring a direct hit on the its evil eye bringing it down in a ball of flame... 

Creating a Martian Tripod Wreck Marker

I will be using Alien Dungeons Tripods (now defunct there's a new owner of this product range) in conjunction with my own Giant Martian Machines for some future games. I bought these kits as soon as they came out as they are fantastic looking and injection molded so great to build and adapt! I knew they would come in handy one day, here's one of my completed kits...

Now I really would like a Tripod wreck marker so with one of my best friends Pinkysil I made up a mold of the top of one of the AD Martian Assault Tripods and cast up a few 'Tripod Heads'...

 Then used the left over Tripod kit parts and some styrene bits and pieces to finish up the wreck markers...

Blog Picture Update...
I have now restored the pictures to 70 of the Blogs 90 posts so we're almost back up to speed...hopefully by my next new post every old post will be sorted out!

Next time, some Gallic stuff

Friday, 7 July 2017

The Great Picture Debacle - Restoring the Blog Begins!

Hello Dear Readers!

The recent policy changes of a certain online photo hosting site resulted in all the pictures from Captain Darling's Miniatures Emporium vanishing from Her Most Gracious Majesty's Interweb!

Well in light of these events I have decided to invest in my own steam driven bit of the internet and build complete with lovely brass cog wheels my own website! For all of you devoted readers of Captain Darling's exploits in his weird alternate Victorian Universe Thingee do not fear as I will continue to maintain the good Captain's Blog. It will remain my...err...Captain Darling's VSF outlet.

I have all my pictures as I kept them on my own hard drive backups so nothing has been lost and it will all be refreshed. However it will be a bit of a pain in the proverbial locating the required pictures and then re-posting them all!

As a first step I've just updated the picture of the parts I have collected for the French VSF Landship in the post titled 'Another Nation Enters the 'Landship Club'...' Damn it I shouldn't have typed that I just gave away the new Landships secret nationality!

Oh well I hope you'll all bear with me as I fix the old and get to work posting the new and there's the good news, I have two AAR's, a completed Landship, a completed Airship and some more figures all ready to post so I do hope you perservere with this Blog using your crystal and steam driven interweb devices!

Next time...something steam driven!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Another Nation Enters the 'Landship Club'...

I've been on a bIt of a WW II and Napoleonics binge over the last few weeks but now I'm returning to my core genre VSF...

I'll kick things off with some exciting news, another nation is about to enter the Landship arms race here's a picture of the parts I've collected for it's construction...any ideas dear reader as to which country it might be?

I'll be back soon with more 'stuff' soon...

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Wings of War/Glory VSF Style! Test Game...

When using my VSF Flyers in conjunction with my ground forces my updated FUBAR VSF rules work fine...BUT...when it comes to VSF aerial combat by itself I figure I can do better by simply the using Wings of War/Glory rules with my miniatures! My VSF Flyer machines would travel slower than WW I planes so the movement allowance should be fine with the different scale. I am not using altitude rules initially and of course taking out the loops I don't think my Steam Blimps etc. could manage those!

First up the mock up'll see here my only change some of my Flyers will hit with A damage at close range and B damage at long range...

Then allocate them to my models...

For a test game I have used the Wings of War Solo Rules developed by Richard at Herkybirds Nest to give me an oppenent:

Okay I played the superior Fokker Dragon Fly...

My opposition was a couple of Sopwith Steam Blimps...

After some deft manoeurvring and some insignificant damage to both side I 'blew it'... 

The result!

The result aside the game worked fine with my VSF Flyers, I'll try a couple more solo games then roll it out for Face to Face play!

Next Time: Hmmm good question!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Doktor Von Hades Personal Guard - Clockwork Apes!

The Battle of Rooty Hill, 7 October 1876 was a glorious victory for Queen Victoria's mighty legions and a great setback for the evil designs of Doktor Von Hades!

An extract from Doktor Von Hades very own journal dated October 13 1876 refers to this day;

What to do, what to do! My world is now plagued by this damnable fellow Captain Darling, he has become the bane of my life. Just recently at Rooty Hill he led a British force that not only soundly defeated my private army but also secured my new LASER facility before I could employ it. Months of evil handiwork dashed in a blink of an eye! I will have words with my top henchmen at morning tea...something must be done about this impudent dandy!

As a part of the rebuilding of his army Von Hades turned his evil genius to creating a body of fighters to work in conjunction with his brave African Body Guard to ensure the likes of Captain Darling could never take him captive! The Simian Assault Section known as the SAS came into being...these sword armed clockwork Simians were designed to be tough, fast and fight like the dreaded Ninja of the East! The armies of the world now faced a new and relentless evil...dadadadaaaaa...

At a secluded Scottish dale the Clockwork Simians training with Nobby Johnson under the keen eye of Doktor Von Hades...

FUBAR VSF wise these critters are going to be pretty nasty:
Normal Movement: 12 inches
Activation: 3+
Expertise: 4+
Armour: 4+
They are not susceptible to Breakdowns
They are melee only figures
They +1 to expertise die in melee against regular figures
They -1 to expertise die in melee against character or special operative figures
They take two successful hits to kill, the first doesn't reduce abilities
They can not convert hits into suppression
These guys special abilities will be in the scenario special rules of any game they are in. They may also be subject to a wound down status but still thinking how to do this with recording number actions taken, moves made etc, maybe a third breakdown roll could trigger it not sure yet...
I picked up these 5 Westfalia sword armed clockwork monkeys unpainted on the LAF for half the list price, a real bargain! These Chimps are great sculpts and the castings are nice and clean to boot. They are about 20mm high so perfect for use in my 28mm VSF world. I undercoated them black then painted the bodies with one of my favourite colours Humbrol Polished Steel. Next I gave them a red fez (naturally) and eyes. Brass was used for the fez tassel, sword hilts and feature highlights. Lastly the sword got a coat of Polished Aluminium. After a good rubbing to bring the polished steel up I was really happy how these turned out. I like paining when there's no face involved!

The Clockwork Monkeys are wonderful sculpts from Westfailia:

The monkeys with some 28mm figures they'd be about 20mm in height:

I would love to get the set of five Westfalia clockwork monkeys armed with pistols but at 15GBP plus shipping I can't really justify it not with so much else I could buy with that...

The Scottish dale setup...

Next time...back to the Zeppelin/Airship project...

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Battle of Rooty Hill - FUBAR VSF AAR

It's always good to get my VSF figures and models onto the tabletop so "Tally Ho Chaps!"

The Battle for Rooty Hill reaches its climax as Captain Darling (foreground bravely fighting with sword drawn) fights to reach his nemesis Doktor Von Hades (cowardly lurking in the background waving his cap in an very evil manner)!

We have our two major protagonists on the field of battle this time Captain Darling and Doktor Von Hades. Now even though characters like the Captain and Doktor are in the long term indestructible they as vulnerable as every other figure in the action and can be killed by failing a save on any hit just like any other figure...BUT this means they are 'just' incapacitated, they are carried from the field by the closest friendly figure and then taken to the nearest exclusive Health Resort on the sunny Mediterranean coastline so they can recover and carry on the fight for good/bad in future games.

This game also features what FUBAR call 'Hero Points' which are allocated to the characters and they can be used to re-roll dice, get bonus movement etc so could be crucial in the outcome. Anyway enough babbling from me...

The Situation

Rooty Hill, Channel Coast 7 October 1876

Spurred into action by a report from top S.O.E. Agent Edward Bigger the British launch a surprise attack on Doktor Von Hades Life And Structure Eliminating (LASER) Facility near the sleepy village of Rooty Hill.

The attackers are led by none other than Captain Darling who called to his men as they went forward "Tally Ho Boys let's make this a quick affair I have an appointment with the Mayor's daughter for morning tea and biscuits..."

The Forces

British (Purveyors of Enlightenment)
Captain Darling
Lieutenant Longbottom & 1 x Armoured Steam Automaton with HMG 
1 x Section Armoured Royal Naval Special Brigade commanded by Captain Choke
1 x Section 95th Galvanic Rifle Regiment commanded by Lieutenant Smythe
1 x Section Royal Engineers with Transport commanded by 2nd Lieutenant Bowell
1 x Sopwith Steam Blimp from 266 Steam Blimp Squadron

Von Hades Minions (Evil Nasty Guys)
Doctor Von Hades
Steel Balls
Nobby Johnson
1 x Unit African Imgoingtoolootoo Body Guard
1 x Unit Evil Henchmen
1 x Rapid Fire Light Steam cannon
1 x Unit Mercenaries Swiss Infantry

Victory Conditions

A British Victory is recorded if they capture the LASER Facility
A Von Hades Evil Minions Victory is recorded if they break/destroy all the British Units

Special Rules

This game has no fixed number of turns
Doktor Von Hades in a non combat figure, he is captured as soon as any British figure contacts his base
Captain Darling, Steel Balls and Nobby Johnson are all characters with 3,1 and 1 Hero Points respectively
The Light Steam Cannon fires every turn even with only 1 crewman with 3D6
The African section has a -1 modifier for firing and a +1 modifier for melee to their Expertise Value
Optional units are available for scenario balance on the players mutual agreement (no play test)

The Story

Doktor Von Hades and his two top Henchman were surprised as they enjoyed their morning tea and crumpets by the appearance of a force deployed by the British Army at their doorstep. They immediately summoned all their available troops to their action stations!

Captain Darlings troops attacked the LASER Facility from three directions stretching the defenders thin but Steel Balls assured Von Hades their men were up to the job...were truer words ever NOT spoken!

The British advanced at a steady pace firing as they approached and firing with great accuracy, it wasn't long before Von Hades African Body Guard and Henchmen twere aking casualties and wavering! Steel Balls and Nobby Johnson were quick to move up rally them and urge them on to hold their positions.

Meanwhile the Doktor's fearsome Light Steam Cannon jammed again and again firing only a few shots between making horrible wheezing sounds accompanied by the hiss of escaping steam!

The stout British troopers were quickly up to the Evil Minions defensive position only to find them occupied by piles of dead Africans. Captain Arty Choke commented to Darling, "Not much chop these evil fellows eh what!".

Captain Darling could see his quarry, Von Hades standing in the open before him and urged his men forward! Enthused they moved forward.

Von Hades had one last card to play though and he called up his nearby Swiss mercenaries..."Switzers to the front!" bellowed Steel Balls and in a matter of moments the clear ground between Darling and Von Hades was occupied by a section of well trained and superbly equipped Swiss mercenaries!

Unfortunately for the Swiss they had no time to fire their special weapons before the armoured Britishers were among them! The swirling melee was deadly and men fell to the left and right, Captain Darling amid the thick of action was singled out by a couple of the mercenaries but they paid the price for their impudence!

With the melee going badly and more British advancing Doktor Von Hades thought discretion the better part of valour, he ordered a withdrawal, "Runaway! Runas" shouted Nobby and with the handful of remaining Swiss mercenaries covering them Hades, balls and Nobby fled.

The successful British cheered to their victory and taunted Doktor Von Hades and his Henchmen as they skulked away from the battlefield.

With the smoke of battle clearing Captain Darling, twirled his moustache, straightened his tunic, shared a pinch of snuff with his fellow officers and as he headed off to the town of Rooty Hill saying "Shouldn't keep the Mayor's daughter waiting eh chaps..."


The battlefield on turn one, Von Hades Evil Minions are dug in around his LASER facility, the British are advancing in three groups with the HMG armed 'robot' moving to the high ground to cover the advance.

The view from the opposite side of the table, the first turns fire from the Evil Minions is ineffective while the Light Steam Cannon fails to activate!

Turn two and the British continue to advance the dice see 1 Britisher in the open fall to 3 Africans in good cover!!!

Nobby Johnson in the red tunic joins the Africans who failed their morale test, he uses his Hero Point to re-roll the result and they pass so can hold their ground.

Also on turn two the Engineers disembark from their amoured transport and the mortar fires at the Evil Minions gun, it was a near miss one crewman is felled.

Turn three the British Riflemen fail their activation leaving them exposed to the Evil Minions gun which also fails to activate its had one shot in three turns now DOH! Darling and the Naval section start closing in on the Africans position.

Turn four the Naval section reach the African's position finding it full of bodies. Also in turn 4 the Evil Minions deploy their optional reserve and by sprinting they get between the British and Von Hades!

Same turn and the Henchmen are taking casualties from the advancing Engineers, they failed their morale too and Steel Balls used his Hero Point for a re-roll which they passed. All the Evil Minions characters Hero Points are gone art this point.

The Swiss mercenaries and Nobby Johnson deployed for action...

Th view of the Swiss defence line from the British side...

Also on turn four the Light Steam Cannon had a chance for a great shot at the advancing Riflemen and yet again it failed its activation...3 fails from 4 tries...grrrr...curse this new modern fandangled equipment give me a muzzle loading cannon any time!

Turns 5 and 6 the game is decided in a grand melee between the armoured infantry and the Swiss. Captain Darling failed a hit save but thanks to his Hero Points was able to re-roll and bounded back into action!
Turn five melee...

Turn six melee...hmm fewer men...

Von Hades and his Henchmen skulk from the battlefield in the distance Captain Darling can be seen taunting them!

End of game positions...

Next time, some more on the VSF Zeppelin/Airship project...or maybe something else not sure...

Friday, 20 January 2017

Doktor Von Hades Life And Structure Eliminating Ray [LASER] Machine!

October 1876, the British Empire’s SOE (Stealthy Overseas Executive) Agent Edward Bigger became aware of an extraordinarily large Electric Bill that had been issued to a small nondescript installation on the Channel Coast near the sleepy town of Rooty Hill. Spurred on by this information and discretely disguised as a vagrant travelling organ grinder with monkey Bigger travelled to the outskirts of Rooty Hill. What confronted him confirmed his worst fears this facility was indeed he work of Doktor Von Hades!

Nonchalantly Bigger sidled closer to the facility with a sketch book upon his organ and a camera secreted in the hat of his monkey! The daunting looking guards who appeared to be from the Dark Continent paid the vagrant travelling organ grinder no heed allowing Bigger to fulfil his task safely.

This is believed to be an actual picture of Edward Bigger in his discrete vagrant travelling organ grinder with monkey disguise...

picture source Wikipedia

With details of this mysterious facility recorded Bigger engaged in  a brief conversation with a couple of the Doktors henchmen who could not dectect any note of English in the organ grinders thick eastern European mutterings. A master of guile and cajolery Bigger had in no time discovered this evil looking machine was Doktor Von hades latest invention and was known as the Life And Structure Eliminating Ray, the LASER for short! He also gleaned from them that a test of the weapon involving the destruction of a whole town was anon so prompt action was required by the forces of good!

Bigger decamped for SOE Headquarters with alacrity and also sixpence in his alms tin!

SOE Agent Edward Biggers photographs...

Doktor Von Hades taking air beside his Life And Structure Eliminating Ray facility accompanied by his closest henchmen, Steel Balls and Nobby Johnson.

Doktor Von Hades fierce and loyal African Native Body Guard was on hand.

Von Hades uruly mob of Henchmen guards, a collection of dregs of society but each one dangerous and not to be trifled with!

Later that same day in the office of the second in command of SOE known as Number Two Edward Bigger shared his sketch and photographs with Number Twos(!). The perils this instrument of terror threatened the world with triggered an immediate response. It was promptly decided that Captain Darling was to personally lead a military attack on Doktor Von Hades facility forthwith! Darling's inclusion in the operation was deemed neccessary as with Von Hades known to be on site there was no better man Captain Darling to apprehend him!

Number Twos dismissed Bigger and had his private Secretary summon Captain Darling...

Next Time, an AAR of the game based on the raid on Doktor Von Hades LASER facility, The Battle of Rooty Hill!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Home Made 'Flying Machine Stands'

Last year I purchased a very nice Laser Cut 'Flying Machine Stand' but now with 8 flyers requiring stands I decided rather than spend $'s on more stands (the money would be better budgeted to figures) I would build the stands from 'bits and pieces'!
These stands are approximately 55mm square and are very stable I have used them several times now.

Okay so the parts required:
Some left over ABS plastic
Wire coat hangers
Green 'Rattle Can' spray paint
Some flocking material

I cut two squares of ABS plastic, one 55mm square the other 30mm square I drilled the centre of each to tightly take a length of Coat Hanger wire. I then glued the three parts together I used a double thickness of the ABS for stability.

I then masked the wire and sprayed the base green.

I then flocked the base and inserted a VSF flyer contraption.

I repeated this 7 times for my TOBSEN77 flyers,  the Laser Cut 'Flying Machine Stand' won't be wasted I'll use that for my new scratch built flyer which hopefully will be ready for my VSF Wings of war game that's coming up soon...

Next time...back to that airship!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

1/56 VSF 'Zeppelin' Bomber Build - Part One

My VSF Avionic Conveyances are continually growing in number and I'm planning a 'Steam Battle in the Sky' soon. I am actually just going to use WoG/WoW to run this. I'll match each of my flyers with a set of cards from these rules and go for it nice and easy...the VSF 'Zeppelin' Bomber will use the cards from one of the bombers but using only the two MGs it has on board! Anyway without any further ado onto the 1/56 VSF 'Zeppelin' Bomber Build.
This is my take on on VSF Airship Bomber, I have used Renaissance Miniatures Santos Dumont Airship #9 kit as a basis for it. I picked the kit up at an okay price through a Kickstarter. Having the kit has saved me a lot of work as I was considering building something similar from scratch but the wonders of laser cutting and a few bucks has saved me a lot of man hours.

The kit itself is good, cut from plywood rather than MDF as the other laser cutting companies seem to use. You get fabric to cover the balloon/envelope and wire for rigging in addition to the plywood parts. If I was actually building the Santos Dumont Airship #9 I would still be making some improvements to the kit (i.e. Adding a base to the basket, using a bit of dowel for the fuel tank, make a one piece engine block with better details using the kit radiator etc). Anyway a good kit not cheap and not for the feint hearted. 

Anyway I have now completed the gondola and yes you now know what my simple steam engine was for!

I used the main fuselage from the kit and added some sewing pin rivet detail. I built the simple steam engine. I replaced the kit propeller with a Lego one and used a plastic round tube for the drive shaft. I added to the existing ballast struts a bomb rack on each side (TOBSEN77 bombs) and a bit of coat hanger wire to connect them, why because it looked pretty good to me! I capped the wire ends with goggle eyes painted black. I may paint the wire brass but as I said I think it looks cool as is. The last this I did was build the crew cabin and this was made with sheet styrene, the MGs are again from TOBSEN77 and the cockpit edging it natural Yellow Milliput. The pilots are TOBSEN77 (I must order more down to my last two).

I didn't take may WIP pictures of this build as you can see the Santos Dumont Airship #9 instructions for those parts and the only other build bits were the cabin and steam engine and there is already a post on that.

The crew cabin built from flat styrene sheets, Captain Smith seems to be hanging around this build!

 The crew cabin with MGs and of course Captain Smith next to the Gondala for a size comparison...

The underside of the Gondola showing the eight bombs in place...  
The Gondola complete the crew are painted and in place, their cockpit padding has been added to...

Here's the balloon/envelope frame completed exactly as pr the kit instructions. Part Two of this build will be about my adventures of revisiting my youth as I try to cover a frame with tissue and dope...oh yeah there were many tears then and I suspect there'll be more to come! I know it's an old fashion way to do this but I think it will give a better finish than using the kit supplied fabric.

Next time...errr I'm not sure...

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

55 Days at Big Tinkle on Sea - FUBAR VSF AAR

This Yule  Themed Scenario has had two plays now and these pictures and summary are from the second one...I hope you enjoy!

Some 'period' photographs of the action...
Captain Darling in his Sopwith Steam Blimp targets Prussian Armoured Steam Wagons!

 Presents on the way to the children of Big Tinkle in on Sea...

 The Prussian Armoured Steam Wagons are in disarray..

The Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination makes a dash while the HMLS Clueless keeps the enemy occupied!

The History:
England, Christmas Eve 1878

December 24 1878 on day 55 of the siege of Big Tinkle in on Sea the British relief force sallied forth just after morning tea. It broke through the enemy’s entrenchments with ease! While the men of the 1st Naval Brigade and local British Militia tied down the Russian and Prussian infantry the steam powered units of the relief column made their dash for the Port.
With Brigadier Gout aboard the Landship HMLS Clueless the armoured assemblage powered ahead at a majestic 8 miles an hour! At this rate Gout thought to himself they would be in the town square for a spot of lunch with the Mayor! Oh yes and be in time to give the rug rats their Christmas gifts…

He deployed his Landship away from the Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination to draw any counter attack away from it while Captain Darling and his Wingmen of 266 Blimp Squadron offered the Steam Tractor close support.
It was with only a mile to go to the Ports defence perimeter that the Russian and Prussian intervention forces came into Brigadier Gout's view!  These vehicles under the command of Colonel Fullovshtzhy and Major Von Bung-Fritz were determined to stop the relief column.
Using the range advantage of its big guns the HMLS Clueless's forward turret belched forth smoke and flame and soon after the mighty shells crashed down on the lead Armoured Steam Wagon of the Prussian force, it was immobilised with several injured crewmen.

The Evil Empires vehicles quickly closed the range on their foes so their lighter guns could hit the Brirtish Landship and they opened fire with a devastating effect. Shot and shell rained down on the HMLS Clueless as the Steam Wagons found its range. One of the first casualties of the hits was Brigadier Gout, it was said his dying words to the Landship's First Mate, Lieutenant Fred Hardy were, "Care for a Pash Hardy?" was thought these words may well have been misheard! Several other men were struck down and a fire broke out near the magazine which was manfully extinguished in sort order! The stoic Landship continued erratic fire back at the swarm of Steam Wagons keeping them occupied.

While the British Landship struggled forward Captain Darling led his flight into action against the Prussian vehicles. The results were spectacular as their bombs scored direct hits destroying two of the three fully functional Steam Wagons and disabled the remaining one.
Engineer Smith used the cover of the HMLS Clueless and Steam Blimps to strike east unnoticed by his foes.

The Prussian commander Major Von Bung-Fritz had survived the explosion that had immobilised his Steam Wagon and he signalled to the Russians to redeploy as the British supply Tractor was moving rapidly east and would soon be out of his grasp!

Colonel Fullovshtzhy recieved the Prussian Major's request as his machines salvoes finally silenced the HMLS Clueless and reacted promptly ordering all of his vehicles to redeploy immediately. The now silent British Landship was still structurally sound but its crew were down and the damage to its systems was extensive. As the Russian Steam Wagons veered to chase the British Steam Tractor Driver 1st Class, Cheez Kransky accidently engaged top gear before changing direction and this resulted in a collision with the two Russian Fast Armoured Steam Wagons coming together and the ensuing explosion wrecked both. This halved the Russian strength in a single blow.

Fullovshtzhy's own Steam Wagon was the only Russian one that was able to add the fire from its guns to those of the Prussian in the barrage that followed after the 'fast' disappearing Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination.
Their fire was ineffective and Engineer Smith was able to get the contents of his valuable trailer through to the Port of Big Tinkle in on Sea. Victory was secured for Queen and Country!

In the days after the great battle of Christmas Eve that ended the 55 day siege of Big Tinkle in on Sea the British Press trumpeted the Victory while the British Government distributed awards aplenty to the survivors of the relief column. The men of the 266 Blimp Squadron already heroes in the eyes of the citizenry were singled out for many of the decorations.
In the words of the British Prime Minister as he addressed Parliament regarding the action of the handful of men who had been involved in the relief action, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few..."

The AAR:

Turn One
British move with the Steam Blimps covering the tractor and trailer on the road while the landship HMLS Clueless entered centrally to cover any Russian or Prussian counter moves.

Turn Two
The Russian and Prussian armoured forces enter the battlefield making the best of the terrain for cover. The HMLS Clueless fires its forward turret targeting the Prussians, the result an immobilised Prussian ASW with 3 out of 4 crew casualties!

Turn Three
The HMLS Clueless fails its activation! Every Prussian and Russian ASW targets the hapless Landship hitting it several times leaving it with a light gun out of action, a fire on board, a steering hit, two speed hits and six crew casualties. The Steam Blimps manoeuvre toward the Prussians as they are nearest to the tractor and trailer.

Turn Four
Two Blimps of 266 Squadron get close enough to the Prussians to carry out a bomb runs leaving both the targeted ASW out of action, not a good day to be a Prussian! Meanwhile every other ASW targets the Landship raining hits on it inflicting 4 more crew hits and steering damage. The Clueless used its activation to put out the fires on board.

Turn Five
The surviving Russian and Prussian ASWs score more hits on the HMLS Clueless but none do any severe damage the surging crew man the guns and return fire albeit ineffectively. The third Blimp carried out its bombing run and immobilised the last Prussian ASW reducing its crew to two.

Turn Six
The British Landship is finally incapacitated. A hail of hits broke its steering, severely damages its engines, scored a kill hit but importantly disabled the remaining crewmen. So not destroyed but out of action which now allows the Russians and Prussians to turn on the Tractor and Trailer. This had meanwhile veered around the ruined Prussian force and was now speeding toward the Port covered by the Steam Blimps which carried out MG attacks on the ASWs without any tangible results.

Turn Seven
The Tractor keeps heading east and the immobilised Prussian ASW score hits causing some steering damage and injuring crewman. The Russia s are now completely out of position and frantically try to catch up with their quarry! The Blimps continue their ineffective strafing attacks.

Turn Eight
While the Prussians reload their guns one of the Russian ASW gets a shot in at the Tractor scoring no damage. Then disaster for the Tsars vehicles, one loses control and collides with another taking both out of the fray. Really this had little effect on the game’s outcome as they were too far from the Tractor to have any effect still not a good result! The Blimps continued their ineffective MG attacks. 

Uh oh a Breakdown Roll results in aRussian Armoured Steam Wagon surging forward straight into the back of another Armoured Steam Wagon... 

The outcome two wrecked vehicles!

Turn Nine
With the initiative and a successful activation roll the British Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination exit the east edge of the battlefield clinching a victory!

A great game!

Next Time: Getting a move on with my Kickstarter kit...that Steam engine needs a home!