Monday, 26 December 2016

55 Days at Big Tinkle on Sea - A VSF Scenario

Well time for a Christmas FUBAR VSF game, I've got a mate maybe two coming over Thursday so we're on ...

The Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination loaded with Christmas supplies for the children of Big Tinkle in on Sea photographed just prior to the Christmas Eve relief attempt of the besieged Port...

55 Days at Big Tinkle in on Sea
Christmas Eve 1878

The Situation

In Late 1878 The First Great Steam War continued to drag on with no apparent end in sight and the great Western Democracies continued their battle against the Tyrannical Empires of the east. For the oppressed British citizenry of occupied territories the future looked gloomy. Alondside these people were the besieged and embattled residents of Big Tinkle in on Sea who continued to defy the invaders for Queen and Country! Their sleepy yet vitally important Port had been besieged by Russian and Prussian troops who were intent on relieving the populace of their freedom and using the docks to reinforce their invasion armies.

For over 50 days the siege continued and then on the 51st day with Christmas but days away a large Prussian artillery shell landed directly on and destroyed the hapless inhabitant’s only toy shop! It was the thin edge of the wedge, the starving children were facing a Christmas not only without pudding but also with no presents! This devastating news reached the ears of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria who immediately ordered the Port relieved and toys to be delivered for the children! Volunteers from the Guards Landship Squadron stepped forward and organised a daring raid to penetrate the Evil Empires besieging forces from behind. This was their chance to tweak the noses of the Tsar and Kaiser while engaging iun the christmas spirit by delivering toys to the besieged children!

December 24 1878 on day 55 of the siege of Big Tinkle in on Sea the British relief force sallied forth just after morning tea. It broke through the enemy’s entrenchments with ease! While local British Militia and men of the 1st Naval Brigade tied down the Russian and Prussian infantry the steam powered units of the relief column made their dash for the Port. With Brigadier Gout aboard the Lnadship HMLS Clueless the armoured assemblage powered ahead at a majestic 8 miles an hour! At this rate Gout thought to himself they would be in the town square for a spot of lunch with the Mayor! Oh yes and in time to give the rug rats their Christmas gifts…

Meanwhile the besieging Commander General Guddenoff surprised by the British raid amassed all his available Steam Powered Armoured Wagons and launched them into action against the relief column as soon as their fireboxes were alight! The vehicles commanders, Colonel Fullovshtzhy and Major Von Bung-Fritz were given orders that not only were the toys aboard the British column to be denied to the local children but they were to be captured intact and sent back to their homelands for their own young folk! A race was on between the patriotic officers to secure the cargo first for their own Country’s youth!

The cast has been assembled and the stage set…”Action!” shouts the Director!

Enter Turn 1 from the East edge of bthe attlefield - automatic successful activation
Brigadier Gout OBE KBE BIG GIT
Detachment  from the Guards Landship Squadron
1 x HMLS Clueless (Dreadnaught Class Landship)
1st Flight 266 Blimp Squadron led byCptain Drling)
3 x Steam Blimps
3rd Company Royal Engineers
1 x Armoured Steam Traction Engine and Battle Wagon Mk I Combination

Enter Turn 2 from the westly half of the Northern edge of the battlefield - failed activation delays entry by a turn no Breakdown
Coonel Fullovshtzhy
2nd Detachment St Petersburg Independent Steam Battalion
4 X Steam Powered Armoured Wagons

Enter Turn 2 from the westly half of the Southern edge of the battlefield - failed activation delays entry by a turn no Breakdown
Major Von Bung-Fritz
2nd Detachment St Petersburg Independent Steam Battalion
4 X Steam Powered Armoured Wagons

Game Length
12 turns

Both Prussian and Russians have a final reserve of one additional unit each that can be deployed at all players mutual agreement or on the Umpire’s discretion

Victory Conditions
The British must exit the Armoured Steam Traction Engine & Battle Wagon Mk I Combination from the east board edge in 12 turns
The Prussian must be first to secure the Battle Wagon Mk I before the end of turn 12
The Prussian must be first to secure the Battle Wagon Mk I before the end of turn 12
Any other result is a Draw

Special Rules
Securing the Battle Wagon Mk I – it must be stationary i.e. the Armoured Steam Traction Engine must be destroyed or immobilised and a vehicle must park alongside it in one turn and then spend a full turn stationary adjacent NOT under fire from any ground based weapons
The Russians and Prussians can’t fire on the Armoured Steam Traction Engine until the Landship HMLS Clueless is destroyed
The Armoured Steam Traction Engine for this scenario only has extra armour:
            1st Speed Hit reduces speed to half
            2nd Speed Hit Immobilises
            1st Steering Hit is recorded has no effect
            2nd Steering Hit Locks Steering
If stationary for a turn the Battle Wagon Mk  may fire its mortar, it CAN'T reload it
The Steam Blimps have one bomb each, it attacks with 6FP and hits on a 3+
The Steam Blimps HMG penetrate armour on a natural 6 up to full range, they have amour piercing bullets!
Captain Darling’s bomb hits with his bomb on a 2+
Captain Darling’s is immmune to breakdowns, he is after all a Hero!
There are no AA weapons in this game
There is a bonus secret British rule, that player alone will be informed of just prior to play!

Next time an AAR!

Monday, 5 December 2016

HMLS Swiftsure - First 'Modular' Landship Super Structure Complete

Anyone remember the two generic Landship hulls I built earlier this? I vaguely do...well at the time I collected all the parts for the four interchangeable super structures I planned and then promptly got busy with other stuff. So now I'm fired up again to get back into this project thanks to the recent Denmark Crossing scenario and game. I've decided to complete these super structures so I can get all of my he Landships on the gaming table in 2017!

First off the HMLS Swiftsure, the British answer to the Americans all big gun Landship, I'll do a post with a write up the vehicle's specifications soon!

The finished model of the HMLS Swiftsure...

A picture of one of the generic hulls with the parts of the Swiftsure super structure...
it's the usual collection of styrene sheet and PVC pipe assemblies with pins for rivets. The secondary turrets are the caps off the shampoo bottles you get in hotel rooms and the funnel base is a left over suspension part from my Dragon 1/6 Panzer II kit with a plastic tube extension. The main guns are barrels from a 1/35 Nebelwerfer a mate discarded and the secondary guns are Perry ACW gun barrels thanks to Midshipman easy!
Note - if you have any spare 1/56 Perry ACW gun barrels from their ACW artillery set let me know!

The parts test fitted to the generic hull to check it all looks okay...

Painted up superstructure ready for fitting...

Next time; more Landship stuff!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Scenery - Building A Statue or Two

Hi All, I need a couple of statues for the FUBAR VSF PULP scenario I'm working on, I had a look in the Dollar Stores and online and decided to make my own, here a couple of typical Victorian English Gentlemen Explorers with the result...

These are easy to make and I had my two ready to go in less than half an hour, here's what I used...
  • A suitable 'statuelike' figure, I think it's a 28mm Elf I trimmed it here and there
  • Some PVC pipe
  • Some thick plastic sheet
  • Black and Grey spray paint

Glue all this together give it an undercoat of Matt Black from a rattle can then mist over that with Grey and you're sorted...

Next Time...I'll negotiate a peace in the Middle East...well not really...