Friday 2 December 2016

Scenery - Building A Statue or Two

Hi All, I need a couple of statues for the FUBAR VSF PULP scenario I'm working on, I had a look in the Dollar Stores and online and decided to make my own, here a couple of typical Victorian English Gentlemen Explorers with the result...

These are easy to make and I had my two ready to go in less than half an hour, here's what I used...
  • A suitable 'statuelike' figure, I think it's a 28mm Elf I trimmed it here and there
  • Some PVC pipe
  • Some thick plastic sheet
  • Black and Grey spray paint

Glue all this together give it an undercoat of Matt Black from a rattle can then mist over that with Grey and you're sorted...

Next Time...I'll negotiate a peace in the Middle East...well not really...


  1. Very effective. With a couple of spare figures the statues could "come to life" and chase the intrepid explorers away.

  2. Yep you got it Ben the 'extra' figures are ready to for the scenario!
    Thanks for checking in.