Monday 9 March 2020

The Story of the PH Armoured Recon Tractor Mk II - Another 1/56 VSF Landship

The PH Mk II Armoured Tractor prototype in front at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich...

The story of the PF Armoured Tractor Mk II

1878, the Second Great Steam War dragged on and the Great Powers of the World were still  locked in an epic struggle for supremacy! In August Great Britain’s premier intelligence bureau S.O.E. (Stealthy Overseas Executive) proved successful in acquiring plans from the Imperial Russian Intelligence Department, Division Seven containing references to a new Super Landship they were developing. These details were brought to light by the ever-enterprising Special Field Agent Edward Bigger. Cunningly disguised as an elderly Babushka serving borscht in the canteen of the Saint Petersburg office of Division Seven, he uncovered secret blueprints scrawled on the back of a napkin. He then changed guise to that of a beautiful gypsy fortune teller and slept his way across Europe to arrive in Brighton a week later literally shagged out by his adventure! These were the sterling exploits that the Her Most Imperious Majesty Queen Victoria expected of her S.O.E. representatives!

S.O.E. boffins then poured over the plans and determined the proposed Imperial Russian Super Landship would render the current Landships of the the world obsolete overnight! As an aside little did they know the scribblings Bigger found were actually those of the Son of the Head of Division Seven, Alexei and they were pure figments of his imagination!

Sparked into action British technicians (led by Chief Designers Prof. J Parish and F Herriford whose surname initials were included in the vehicles designation) worked without rest and soon had dispatched blueprints of a revolutionary vehicle to the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich which was appointed to build a prototype to be known as ‘Object 69’. To speed construction the Royal Arsenal sub-contracted out construction of the major parts under the guise of building a portable rain water tank and it was not long before the prototype was ready to be tested on Salisbury Plains. Initial tests were positive so full construction was commenced of the vehicle which was designated as the PF Armoured Tractor Mk II. Once again Great Britain would reign supreme over its enemies her red coated soldier supported by the most modern steam powered conveyances available!

Statistics of the PF Mk II Armoured Tractor
Dimensions: 60 Feet x 30 Feet x 40 Feet
Weight: approximately 54 tons
Crew: 10 - 14 depending on armaments
Powerplant: 2 x Super Cooled Mini High Pressure Steam Turbines
Road Speed: 14 MPH
Armament: varied, Tesla Guns, Cannons, Grenade Launchers & Rapid Fire Rifles arranged in 2 turrets and 2 sponsons

Photograph of of Captain Darling posing with the new PH Mk II Armoured Tractor in front of warehouses of the Royal Arsenal Woolwich...

Overall view of the above picture setup...

Next time; the final part of the construction of the Miniature Scenery Tsar Tank...


  1. That is quite a beast, looking to see it on the table top. It's going to need one hell of a cattle grid to stop it :-)

    1. Thanks Stu!
      Just working on a scenario which will include it...

  2. Hi Captain. Excellent model and great painting. It certainly is the King of Tanks.