Monday 18 June 2018

The Heliograph, for when your Steam Powered Marconi Wireless is 'On the Blink'!

Somewhere in Belgium, June 18 1880...

Troubled and flustered Lieutenant Cartwright hollered over the din of gunfire to Captain Darling, "Darling the Marconi Wireless set is on the blink again! How can we summon reinforcements?"

Darling replied calmly while engaging in sword play with two rather brutish looking Imperial French Grenadiers, "Well that's rather unfortunate Cartwright, especially with all these damnable Frenchies trying to cook our bacon. Don't worry though ol' chap there's always the Heliograph! Kindly ask Sergeant Over and Corporal Under to fetch it forthwith!", meanwhile with a couple of deft lunges Darling put paid to the Gauloises smoking Frenchman threatening the Communications Post...

Captain Darling wielding his sword and Lieutenant Cartwright commanding a Heliograph team in the heat of battle, June 18 1880. This picture was taken after the action for the members of the Forth Estate for use in their publications...

Ironclad Miniatures Heliograph Team

Well here's another set of figures that have been left undercoated on my painting bench for far too long. I finally finished painting them up on the weekend and for even someone like me with basic painting skills they come up a treat!

The figures themselves are well cast with nice details. No prep was needed but it would be nice for one of the manufacturers of these Heliograph sets to include boxes for the equipment.

The big thing was basing so I decided to sabot them on a mini diorama base. I did this for too reasons casualty removal and also the kneeling and 'scribing' guys can be very useful as individuals in other situations!

The good thing about this set is they'll be useful in both my VSF games and the Russians Are Coming Campaign (where the Heliograph has already been mentioned in a scenario!)!

The 'Team' all based up...

The 'Team' unsbased...

The diorama for the in period photograph...

Close up!

Next Time: well there's a few things on the go now I'm back on deck but most likely it will be either; the  Grand Tour debrief or an AAR of a battle somewhere in Belgium, June 181880...


  1. Great diorama Captain! You can always rely on Over and Under to get the message through.

    1. Thanks Ben!
      I was going to go with Sgt Over and Cpl Out (lame laugh) but after watching Flying High earlier this week had to go with with Over and Under...

  2. Wonder set of figures Captain with so many uses.

    1. Hey Stu thanks! As you say useful the binoculars guy and the writing dude have many uses in scenarios!