Sunday 13 March 2016

TOBSEN77 Blimp 1 Kits

Blimp Squadron Tally Ho!

Well I like building my own VSF equipment but there are always many items on the internet that keep tempting me and some of TOBSEN77's 'aero' products are amongst them! I recently picked up a total of 7 kits as there was a 10% off sale on the site. All were various flying machines (even though I have completed one of my own and have another one half built) and they are IMO a quick and relatively cheap way of creating a "VSF Air Force".
Amongst the order were 3 Blimp 1 kits which will make up a section/squadron for my FUBAR VSF games.
Below is a picture from TOBSEN77's site of the Blimp 1 kit components, on  arrival it also included an MG and 8 end bits for the cables (which I didn't use and I found more of a problem then an aide when test fitting it together). There's no instruction sheet but it's pretty simple and the box cover and website have pictures to assist if required. I purchased three of TOBSEN77's pilots to go with this at the time of ordering.

The design of the kit is good it allows for modifications if you want and is quite a good casting. I found a couple of rivet heads weren't formed. Also the pillars on the balloon where the cables attach also contained a few hidden bubbles causing them to crumble I just rebuilt the affected ones with filler. Tobi from TOBSEN77 was happy to send me replacements when I informed him of this but for me it wasn't a major issue and I just powered along with the builds. I like supplying makers with feedback.

Everything went together well and from my experience attaching the cables was the only 'hardish' part, I super glued them to the basket/gondola first bent them to dry fit the balloon attachment points and then glued only after I was completely happy with alignment.

Here's my three Blimp 1's on the workbench:

A couple of things I would note are firstly there is no attachment to fit the supplied MG to the basket/gondola (a bit of paper clip wire sufficed to do the job for me) and secondly the stands supplied are great but a little low (I will eventually look at extending or replacing my ones).

Note the bombs are not part of this kit I added them to boost up the blimps capabilities when used in my games, I used paper clip wire (again) to create a release mechanism.

Some more pictures...

I can see myself buying from TOBSEN77 again as there are some good innovative designs there at what I think are good is a pity Bismatron is not available though!

PS I have no interests in TOBSEN77 Miniatures above is just my opinions...

Catch you next time!


  1. Missed these the first time around.

  2. Great job Captain - I have one of these in the breech for a Christmas modelling project. I like what you did the the bomb rack - I am going to mount them vertically on the sides of the basket for manual dropping, as long as they dont obscure too much detail

    1. Hey Paul thanks!
      Looking forward to seeing how your Blimp I kit comes together!