Wednesday 27 July 2016

Introducing Captain Darling's Evil Nemesis Doktor Victor Von Hades!

The name Doktor Victor Von Hades first came to light in a secret report to Britain's Military Intelligence by one of Her Majesties top SOE (Stealthy Overseas Executive) Agents, Edward Bigger. The report uncovered Von Hades plans for world domination through evil scientific means. It surmised the only way to defeat him was to mount a military raid on his secret Lair! Bigger believed there was only one man in Queen Victoria's employ up to the task and that was Captain Edward Darling. Bigger's report detailed how during the Martian Invasions of Earth Von Hades was a little known scientist working for both the German and Russian governments carrying out work on inventions to counter the superior technologies of the Alien attackers. After the defeat of the Martians he abandoned his government research role and followed the career path of an Evil Genius!

You dear reader will learn much more of Doktor Victor Von Hades in the coming months...

Doktor Von Hades and his Henchmen...this picture shows Von Hades gesticulating with his cap while leaning on his sword cane, also on the roof tojp with him is his Top Henchman, Steel Balls a retired Great White Hunter and in the courtyard in the red tunic is the commander of his Native African Guard, Nobby Johnson...

Next Time; Where does an Evil Genius Live?

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