Friday 5 August 2016

Second 1/56 Martian Tripod - What Colour Do You think Its Eye Should Be?

Well here's a chance for you to make your mark on my model collection! As I said recently I'm trying to finish up some outstanding projects several of which relate to my VSF collection. Here's the first one almost sorted. I've had the parts for a second 1/56 Martian Tripod sitting on the workbench for ages well over the last couple of days I got them assembled! I'll paint this up in the same metallic finish as the other original but my quandary is "What colour eye do I give it?" Do I stick with Red (the Red Planet) or make it Green (Little Green Men) or Blue or...Let me know what you think!

Next Time some more story line stuff I think...


  1. Very nice. (I think a nice metallic streaked rust red would look good.

  2. Red would match, but what if you did a clear/metallic electric Blue as if it was about to fire a death ray or something?

    Either way, they look fantastic. :)

  3. Red...because it looks angry.

  4. I think a different colour might be good. It could give you more possible scenarios in the future.

    Martian civil wars, or tripod racing through the London trench line, or a sick tripod that needs to be rescued, or even rolling to see which tripod comes to the battle - the angry red eyed one who shoots everything or the environmental green eyed one which prefers to crush its enemies underfoot. Lots of different possibilities with just a change of colour.

  5. As a jeff wayne fan - Green for me...
    However it has an insect like feel to it, so why not base it on a fly :-)

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to give me your thoughts!
    The decision has been made and all will be revealed soon...