Sunday 13 November 2016

Campaign Game 5 Set Up Details & Special Rules

Here are the set up details and special rules for the fifth of the The Russians Are Coming campaign scenarios. This game won't require more than a single play test I hope as its a situation I've used several times before. A map of the play area is included. Please feel free to try this scenario with your rules (I am using an adaption of State of War) and if you do please let me know how you went!

The Forces:

Russians four units:

Siberians including NCOs fire and melee as Trained
Fleet Sailors fire and melee as Raw, their NCO fires and melees as Trained
Staff Officer fires as Veteran and melee as Trained

1 Army Staff Officer (Captain Putin)
Army Section 1 NCO (Sergeant Fyodor Keller) 8 Privates
Army Section 1 NCO (Sergeant Andrey Korf) 7 Privates
Army Section 1 NCO (Sergeant Sergi Kamensky) 6 Privates
Army Section 1 NCO (Sergeant Nikolay Krasnov) 8 Sailors

South Australians four units:

Uniformed Privates fire as Trained and; melees as Raw
Plain Clothes Privates fire and melee as Raw
Officer and NCOs fire as Veteran and; melee as Trained

Unley Company Section 1 Officer (Lieutenant Alan Murray) and 7 Privates
Unley Company Section 2 NCO (Sergeant Norman Wakefield) and 7 Privates
Norwood Company Section 1 Officer (Lieutenant Peter Torrens) and 7 Privates
Norwood Company Section 2 NCO (Sergeant Reginald Finke) and 7 Privates


South Australians: All units must enter Turn 1 along the eastern board edge

Russians: All units must enter Turn 1 along the western board edge

Game Length:

The game ends after 8 turns then victory conditions are checked unless a sides units are all broken before this

Victory Conditions:

At the game end count up the number of figures each side has within 25cm of the 'marked centre' of Bill's Hill the side with most wins, if it's a draw the side with fewer wounded figures wins, if that's a draw extend the distance by 10cm and repeat the count keep doing this to you get a result. On the extreme circumstance this still results in a draw still roll a die (reroll ties) until someone wins!

Special Rules:

* The Russians have played their 'Staff Officer' option in this game morale effect for this are in play
* Figures on the hill may spend an action to go prone and when prone they increase their protection from fire by one level but melee against a standing figure at -2, it takes one action to get back up again
The Bill's blocks line of sight and give those uphill on them a melee advantage, it costs no extra movement to climb as the slopes are gentle
The rough ground areas cost double movement when actually traversing them and offer no cover
The dense scrub areas cost triple movement when actually traversing them and offer no protection
The map below of the battlefield deployment compiled from dispatches regarding the battle issued by Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Downes staff including a Legend:

 Next time the Hills Are For Heroes AAR...

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