Sunday 26 March 2017

Wings of War/Glory VSF Style! Test Game...

When using my VSF Flyers in conjunction with my ground forces my updated FUBAR VSF rules work fine...BUT...when it comes to VSF aerial combat by itself I figure I can do better by simply the using Wings of War/Glory rules with my miniatures! My VSF Flyer machines would travel slower than WW I planes so the movement allowance should be fine with the different scale. I am not using altitude rules initially and of course taking out the loops I don't think my Steam Blimps etc. could manage those!

First up the mock up'll see here my only change some of my Flyers will hit with A damage at close range and B damage at long range...

Then allocate them to my models...

For a test game I have used the Wings of War Solo Rules developed by Richard at Herkybirds Nest to give me an oppenent:

Okay I played the superior Fokker Dragon Fly...

My opposition was a couple of Sopwith Steam Blimps...

After some deft manoeurvring and some insignificant damage to both side I 'blew it'... 

The result!

The result aside the game worked fine with my VSF Flyers, I'll try a couple more solo games then roll it out for Face to Face play!

Next Time: Hmmm good question!


  1. Great idea to re-purpose the rules.

    I am sure the rules can add a plus 2 for ace pilots like Captain Darling and Big Ted and a random minus 2 for evil doers such as Doktor Von Hades - minus 4 for clockwork apes who run out of puff at the critical time. :)

    1. Cheers Ben!
      Yeah WoW/WoG rules cover Aces etc.
      I don't think Doktor Von Hades will belittle himself by taking on such a lowly task as 'aviating' anyway he's too busy inventing evil machines :-)

  2. What an ingenious use of the rules. Well done that man.

  3. These flying objects are just wonderful...and very impressive!

    1. Cheers Phil, these are all TOBSEN77 flying machines, thanks for taking the time to visit!