Saturday 23 September 2017

Doktor Von Hades Ten Foot Clockwork Automatons

After the success he enjoyed with his Clockwork Apes which had proved to be an utterly devoted Body Guard (as long as they were kept wound up of course!) Doktor Von Hades decided he would use the same technology to create a horde of Ten Foot Automatons which would support his fighters in their battles the the Great Nations Armies!

The fighting automatons were built with the intent of not only fighting regular Infantrymen and gunners but defeating the Great Nations Armoured Steam Wagons and Landships! They were well armoured and armed with a half inch calibre Rapid Fire Rifle with every second round loaded being fitted with an armour piercing tip! They moved at the same pace as regular infantry making them faster than any existing automaton and did not require a human controller as they had a mechanical brain that could be programmed before battle! This 'robotic brain' though was their Achilles Heel as it required in its manufacture the use of the newly discovered element Randominium which was extremely rare! Aside from that this new Evil Weapon would be of great concern to the Military Leaders of the Worlds armies!

Posed pictures of Doktor von Hades presenting his new Ten Foot Automatons to his most trusted Evil Henchmen, Steel Balls and Nobby Johnson at his secret ruined factory discretely hidden in the backstreet of Croydon, England... 

Building Warlord British Automated Infantry

I saw a big special on the net for the Warlord Konflict 47 British Automated Infantry and thought they mayb make a cool evil robot to compliment Doktor Von Hades forces.

The kits arrived promptly  and were well packaged. There was no guide for constructions but it looked pretty easy and completed examples were on the box cover. I do think some guide to the various leg and arm combinations would have been nice though. The parts needed minimal clean up but were fiddly to assemble! I added each limb and had to allow it to completely set before moving onto the next one! I completed these with a black undercoat, a sloppy addition of Humbrol Polished Steel then some highlighting with brass...I am pleased with the result!

The loose bits...

The finished product...

 The Ten Foot Automatons on Maneouvres with Doktor Von Hades Swiss Mercenaries!

Next Time - the AAR that required this Historical Post before I could include it!


  1. Wonderful stuff Captain - Looking forward to reading the AAR.

  2. Thanks Stu!
    Just putting the finishing touches to the AAR going to do it in comic style as suits Pulp games...