Monday 25 February 2019

A Blog Milestone & Martian Human Interaction...

Martian through his Intergalactic Translator,
"Oooo Goody an inhabitant of this planet, I must insist that you take me to your Leader!"...

I started this pretty niche Blog as a release for my Victorian Science Fiction and 1879 Alternate History interests thinking that two people would enjoy it, me and myself. Who'd have thought over the last five years it would garner any followers let alone 50,000 views (some of the views must be from real people!), certainly not me! Anyway now Captain Darling has more than those two followers and amazingly clocked up those 50,000 views!

So on this momentous occasion I'd like to thank all those who take their time to check out my musings!



  1. Congratulations on making this milestone and for an entertaining blog.

    1. Thanks Pete!
      My partner oft says 'you're full of shit' so there's lots more to come in the future...hehe...

  2. A well earned drink for our Martian friend and Captain Darling.

    I am not surprised you have got so many views as your posts are always entertaining.

    Well done!

  3. Well done Captain a great result.
    Your blog is always a great read.

  4. Cpn Darling! You're a credit to humanity. Thank you and your forces for defending us from martians all this time. I've only just recently found your blog, and am greatly enjoying your reports.

    A game question for you, if I may. When playing solo, how do you determine what "the enemy" side will do on their turns?

    I thus far have had great fun playing both sides to their fullest using WW2 FUBAR, and am currently tinkering with writing "simple AI" for the enemy, to see if I can inject some more surprise, challenge, and randomness into solo play. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for such a project?

    1. Hello 'Stealth'!
      Thanks for your salutations!
      Regarding your question on solo rules for FUBAR VSF I have not created any. That said I always solo play test my scenarios (any rules) before inflicting them on my mates! When I play test I write a list of 'guidelines' in line with the scenario victory conditions for each side which I try to follow. Also; I will play defenders will always try aimed fire when possible and maintain cover where it's available, human attackers will advance with their most mobile units while maintaining a fire base to support the advance and Martian Tripods on the attack will move and fire each turn using the most advantageous of their weapon system and when on the defense use all weapons while stationary (scary). Far from perfect!
      I think creating an AI for Martian Tripods (with my special additional rules for them) is doable given their superior ability to move and still fire very effectively. AI for human forces is much harder but given each scenario they could have a set of movement/fire options created for them to choose from depending on their mission and if an enemy is in their LOS or not...hmmm my brain is starting to hurt now, I'll give this some thought and write up a post on it but don't hold your breath waiting for it!