Monday 11 March 2019

Scratch Built 'Redoubt'...

Well for 'The Big Gun' scenario I needed a 'redoubt' for the Russian Gorlov Gun.

Here's what I came up with complete with Russians!

It was a simple build using the below;
- Lid of a Ferrero Rocher Chocolates box
- MDF sheet
- Styrene sheet
- Matchsticks
- Flocking stuff
- Glues and paint

So I cut my trench design into the clear plastic chocolate box lid and glued it to an MDF base. Then I cut some styrene sheet to create the interior wood lining (it was scored and lightly sanded to create planks and wood grain) and where the styrene sheets met I glued matchsticks to represent the plank supports...

Once the glue was dry I applied paint and some basing materials and all done...

So the lesson here is chocolates with the right shaped box top are must after diner treats! 😉

Next Time - some new MDF buildings or the scenario details with OOBs for 'The Big Gun' scenario!


  1. What a great job, congrats!

  2. Very clever use of the lid.

    1. Cheers Pete, emptying the Rocher box was the best bit of this exercise!

  3. Excellent work Captain. I better fill up the bits box with a few chocolate boxes!

  4. Very clever Sir - well done to that Officer of Engineers!

  5. Yes, very clever indeed! Fantastic use of regular household items for wargaming terrain. That's why I tell Mrs G she can't throw out that bin O bits in the garage as someday they will be turned into various terrain pieces.

    1. Cheers JB!
      Yes i too have a 'box of bits' in the shed you just never know when that odd shaped item in there could be useful for war gaming!