Wednesday 29 May 2019

Little Wars Adelaide 2019 - War of the Worlds Martian Attack Game

Well my Martian Attack game is finally making it to Little Wars Adelaide albeit a few years late!

Lord Duff commanding his Artillery in the Face of of a Martian Attack..."Don't worry chaps we'll sort out these bally Martian Fighting Machines eh wot!"

Yep Little Wars Adelaide is back in 2019! So I'll be dusting off my Martian Attack scenario, packing up my Tripods, Armoured Steam Wagons, Steam Powered Flying Contraptions and some artillery support and setting up for the day.

I'll have my updated FUBAR VSF rules on hand and a QRS for both Humanity and the Evil Martians!
My Martian QRS

Both my Tripods, 'Red and 'Green' and some other models will be there so if you can come and have a look at them in person and if you're in for some madness join in the game!

Little Wars Adelaide 2019 will be on Sunday July 7, there will be around 20 games on the go and over a dozen vendors attending this year plus of course there'll be the bring and buy table!

Here's the website...

Little Wars Adelaide 2019 Home Page

and even though I don't use Facebook there is a site there too...

Facebook Little Wars Adelaide 2019

Next time; Captain Darling's custom Dice Tray!


  1. Hope it goes well....sadly a little too far for me 😢

    1. Cheers Matt!
      Hopefully this is half as successful as your demo games!

  2. Stumbled across this somehow. I am in Adelaide, will come and check out Little Wars if I can make it on the day. Great blog by the way.

    1. Hey Kym (?),
      Thanks re; the Blog!
      Little Wars Adelaide will have lots for you, I hope you can attend & if you do stop by and say 'hello!'...

    2. Thanks, yes it's Kym (Warburton is an interweb name)--it looks like I will be able to make it though most likely I will have to bring my 5 year old so it may be just be a look around rather than stay all day playing games. Hope to see you there.