Sunday 2 June 2019

Home Made Dice Tray

For years I have been using the top of a photocopier paper box lined with some felt as a dice tray when the tabletop is too crowded to throw dice easily. Well when in an Op Shop the other day I spotted a set of cork placemats decorated with British Army pictures from the 19th Century. It triggered a thought in my mind "You must make a dice tray that would suit all sorts of period games and can include these placemats for VSF games". So I bought the placemats for the princely sum of $3.99 and headed home and to work.

My fancy new British Army cork placemats perfectly themed for my VSF games...

First up I cut a piece of scrap timber from an old chair seat to match my recently purchased placemats and coated it with some stain, I had a base! Then I cut from my 2mm thick styrene sheet a 70mm strip to build the dice trays sides. I glued these together wrapped around the base to ensure a snug fit.

The dice tray parts ready to go...

Okay after the glue had dried I sprayed the assembled sides in black using a cheap rattle can and used some brass nails to fix them in place...job done!

Finished dice tray...

...and with a VSF feel thanks to one of my new placemats...

With all my dice stored...

So now for less than a couple of Dollars (not counting the placemats) using stuff on hand I have a dice tray (which doubles as dice storage when not in use) which I can use in three ways; the classic wood finish, add a piece of green felt into the tray for that cool casino look or insert a fancy British Army placemat for VSF gaming!

Next time: Some gaming stuff!


  1. A very nice and practical dice tray. Does it improve the dice rolling as well?

    1. Cheers Pete.
      I just did a quick dice rolling test, no difference still crap!

  2. Excellent idea Captain. Well done!

  3. Great idea, lets hope you get a few more 6's when the British dice land :-)

    1. Cheers Stu, current testing has shown no improvement in dice rolling results, let's see what happens when it gets used for real!

  4. Clever craftsmanship Captain. Nice looking work! :D