Wednesday 18 February 2015

Campaign Game 3 Set Up Details & Special Rules

These are the set up details and special rules for the third of the The Russians Are Coming campaign games. A map of the play area is included. Please feel free to try this yourselves (you may have to adapt it for your rules) and let me know how you go!

The Forces 

Russians two units – Siberians fire & melee as raw
                                  Cossacks fire as raw & melee as trained
                                  Officer is veteran & the NCO is trained

1 Army Officer (Lieutenant Ourumov)
12 Privates
1 Cossack NCO (Sergeant Vargas)
12 Cossacks

South Australians three units – unit one fires as trained & melees as raw
                                                  units two & three fire & melee as raw
                                                  the Officer & two NCOs are veteran

1 Officer (Lieutenant Harry Lime)
9 Privates
1 NCO (Sergeant Mal Fraser)
11 Privates
1 NCO (Sergeant John Kerr)
11 Privates


South Australians –     all units enter on turn 1 from anywhere along the east edge
Russians –                  Army unit starts anywhere within 12cms of the barricade
                                   Cossack unit enters anywhere along the west edge on turn 3
Game Length
The game ends after 12 turns then victory conditions are checked
Victory Conditions
At the game end the South Australians must clear the ALL the Russians from the barricade/roadblock to a distance of at least 16cms
Special Rules
  • Turn 1 the South Australians have the ‘initiative’
  • Fire at any target on the board that is to the west of the firer (no matter how slight the angle) incurs a -1 modifier due to the rising sun
  • Cossacks can't use formed line if a units leader is killed they maintain in skirmish order and move at half speed
  • Cossacks may be up to 20cms from their leader
  • The "hills" are actually rolling ground they block line of sight and give those on them melee and shooting advantages but cost no extra movement points to climb as the slopes are gentle
  • The copses and fences are light cover (copses anywhere within and fences if they are anywhere between the firer and target when both are on the same level of elevation) and they do not block line of sight
  • The barricade/roadblock is light cover and blocks line of sight unless the figure is adjacent to it
Below is Captain Darling's map of the crossroads where Henley Beach and Tapleys Hills Roads meet and the surrounding area, the Russian barricade acting as a roadblock is shown. This diagram was thought lost but discovered in a secret pocket in the lining of his travel trunk many years later.

The below Scale and Legend were attached to the Captain's map after the campaign, they were created by someone unknown in later years!

Just a note her on the special rule covering shooting into the sun, for ease of play we went with any shot in a westerly direction no matter how slight the angle was a shot 'into the sun'. It saved the use of protractors and long straight edges, if you play this scenario feel free to change this!

The "historical" AAR will follow soon!

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