Wednesday 8 June 2016

Wrought Iron Fencing - 1/56 scale

With my 1/56 village buildings all done and the roads/paving sorted I just need some suitable Victorian town like fencing which can also double as a cemetery fence for my Renedra tombstones. I looked at the various kits/sets of wrought iron fencing available in 1/56 and decided to go with an MDF set from a Polish seller on ebay. The posts are cut into 3mm MDF and the wrought iron sections into 1.5mm MDF. For $20 Aussie dollars including postage I got just under a metre of fencing with a nice gate section. There's a bit of assembly required for the posts and I used a bit of filler on the tops and sides of them to give a bit of texture and hide some of the bigger joints. Once they were done the fence sections fitted nicely into them. I think it's a bit fragile made up as I have in sections so I can change the layout but if glued all the way around to make a fixed structure it would be quite albeit I suspect hard to store!

Here's some pictures of the finished product with my Renedra tombstones but it can be reconfigured as required...


Next time will be a AAR of some FUBAR VSF action...WooHoo!


  1. Those look very nice.

  2. Little Tinkle is coming on nicely. The perfect backdrop for some VSF Fubar action. Looking forward to your next AAR. Ive been a bit out of the scene lately with other comitments but I retake possession of the wargames room (The sleepout) which was recently vacated by eldest daughter so heaps of wargaming action shall ensue.

  3. Thanks Gentlemen!
    I'm looking at buying a second set to extend the length of fencing I have available...