Friday 2 January 2015

Campaign Game 1 Set Up Details & Special Rules

These are the set up details and special rules for the first of the The Russians Are Coming campaign games. A map of the play area is included. Please feel free to try this yourselves (you may have to adapt it for your rules) and let me know how you go!

The Forces 

Russian Cossacks two units – fire as raw, melee as trained, both officers are veteran
  • 1 army officer (Lieutenant Pomerov)
  • 11 Cossack troopers
  • 1 Cossack officer (Sub-Lieutenant Yuskovich)
  • 1 Cossack bugler 
  • 11 Cossack troopers
South Australians one unit – fire as trained, melee as raw, the NCO is veteran
  • 1 NCO (Sergeant Bill Smith)
  • 8 privates

Russians - Enter board from west edge turn 1
South Australians – may deploy in up to two groups of any strength anywhere on the board. They are hidden until the Russians contacts them, the Russian has a line of sight to them (only if they are in the open) or the South Australian player chooses to reveal them to move or fire them

Game Length

The game ends after 12 turns unless the Russians occupy the barn or if either side routs or is eliminated

Victory Conditions

At the game end the Russians must have at least one figure within 15cm of the barn or they lose, if they don't lose due to this condition Victory Points determine the winner they are calculated as below:
  • Russians gets 3 VPs for killing the NCO and 2 VPs for each killed private (maximum 15VPs) They also get 5 VPs for clearing the barn of Colonials
  • South Australians gets 2 VP for an officer killed and 1 VP for every other man killed (maximum 27VPs)
Special Rules
  • Turn 1 the Russians have the ‘initiative’
  • Cossacks can't use formed line if a units leader is killed they maintain in skirmish order and move at half speed
  • For morale rolls use the units troops highest value
  • The "hills" are actually rolling ground they block line of sight and give those on them melee and shooting advantages but cost no extra movement points to climb as the slopes are gentle
  • The copses and fences are light cover (copses anywhere within and fences if directly behind and fire coming through it) and do not block line of sight
  • The Barn and rocky outcrops are hard cover and block line of sight
  • The barn has a loft so is two levels high
  • Figures defending unbreeched barn doors in melee get an extra +1 die modifier as well as the usual cover modifier
  • Due to loophole, window and door availability no more than 4 figures may shoot from any side of the barn on ground level
  • Due to loophole limits no more than 2 figures may shoot from any side of the barn on second loft level
  • Maximum attacker/defender at a window is one
  • Maximum attacker defender at a barn doors is two i.e. two figures against one would only be possible if there was a single defender and two attackers
  • Only two figures may pass through an open barn door per Action Phase
  • Regarding command rules if the South Australian player selects to deploy their unit in two groups a figure of the second group is selected as its commander and they are treated as two units, if the two groups join at any stage standard rules come back into effect and the NCO becomes the only command figure (if he is a casualty there is NO command figure) and they are again one unit
  • Cossacks may be up to 20cms from their leader
  • At any stage the South Australians may nominate ‘withdrawal’ and all their movement allowances add 50% but all movement must be made DIRECTLY toward the east edge of the board
This is the actual sketch map drawn by Captain Darling soon after the action had occured and he had spoken with witnesses. The Scale, Legend and edge lengths were added by someone unknown in later years!

 The "historical" AAR will follow shortly!

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