Wednesday 21 January 2015

Campaign Game 2 Set Up Details & Special Rules

These are the set up details and special rules for the second of the The Russians Are Coming campaign games. A map of the play area is included. Please feel free to try this yourselves (you may have to adapt it for your rules) and let me know how you go!

The Forces

Russians three units – fire & melee as trained

  • 1 army officer (Lieutenant Klebb)
  • 9 Privates
  • 1 Army NCO (Sergeant Gogol)
  • 9 privates
  • 1 Army NCO (Corporal Orlov)
  • 9 privates

South Australians one unit – fire & melee as raw, the officer & NCO are veteran

  • 1 officer (Captain A. Searcy)
  • 1 NCO (Sergeant 'Al' Deakin)
  • 12 privates
  • Bob Menzies an armed civilian and classed as one for fire and melee

Russians - Enter board from west edge turn 1

South Australians – may deploy in up to two groups of any strength anywhere on the board. They are hidden until the Russians contacts them, the Russian has a line of sight to them (only if they are in the open) or the South Australian player chooses to reveal them to move or fire them

Game Length

The game ends after 12 turns unless the Russians complete their victory conditions or if either side is completely routed or is eliminated

Victory Conditions

Before the game ends the Russians must clear Bob Menzies homestead and fenced enclosure of South Australians for four consecutive action phases (this allows them time to destroy the communications equipment)

Special Rules
  • Turn 1 the Russians have the ‘initiative’
  • Fire at any target on the board that is to the west of the firer (no matter how slight the angle) incurs a -1 modifier due to the rising sun
  • If South Australians enter melee from hidden status (i.e the Russians move into them while hidden) for the round of melee they +2 to their hit die
  • If South Australians fire in up to medium range from hidden status for the first fire (can be opportunity fire) they +2 to their hit die
  • For morale rolls South Australians in Bob Menzies homestead or enclosure add 2 extra to their rolls
  • The "hills" are actually rolling ground they block line of sight and give those on them melee and shooting advantages but cost no extra movement points to climb as the slopes are gentle
  • The copses and fences are light cover (copses anywhere within and fences if they are anywhere between the firer and target when both are n the same level of elevation) and they do not block line of sight
  • The Homestead and rocky ground are hard cover and block line of sight
  • The rose bushes act as light cover but block line of sight and are impassable for movement 
  • Figures defending closed homestead doors or windows in melee get an extra +1 die modifier as well as the usual cover modifier
  • When firing from the Homestead a maximum of one figure may fire from each normal height window and two from any open door
  • The maximum number of attackers at a homestead window or door is one with one more assisting
  • The maximum defenders at a homestead window or door is one
  • Only two figures may pass through an open homestead per Action Phase
  • Only one figure may pass through an open homestead window per Action Phase
  • Regarding command rules if the South Australian player selects to deploy their unit in two groups the officer commands one and the NCO the other if the two commanders come within 16cms of each other the two units become one and must move to within 16cm of the overall leader ASAP

Below is Captain Darling's map of Bob Menzies homestead and the surrounding area, he submitted it with the action report to Lieutenant-Colonel Downes on the afternoon of Wednesday October 20 after he visited the location and recieved details of the early morning skirmish.

 The below Scale and  Legend were attached to the Captain's map after the campaign, they were created by someone unknown in later years!
Just a note her on the special rule covering shooting into the sun, for ease of play we went with any shot in a westerly direction no matter how slight the angle was a shot 'into the sun'. It saved the use of protractors and long straight edges, if you play this scenario feel free to change this!

 The "historical" AAR will follow shortly!


  1. Thanks for posting, I may give this an outing at the next club night RJW style.

  2. Hey Stu,
    Great to hear! I look forward to seeing an RJW AAR on your blog if it occurs!