Wednesday 10 February 2016

FUBAR VSF Rules & Martian Tripod Updates

Righto this is the first of two posts for today, yep this is what you could call the “double event”…anyway as I don’t want to combine a boring “ramble on rules” with some fun pictures that came about from testing said boring update of rules this post includes my current batch of updates for the FUBAR VSF rule set…tatatataaa rules covering Martian Tripods!

I’ve got everything nicely settled for my Human Super Heavy Ironclads i.e. Landships and the Martian Tripod rules are based on them to keep everything simple! Of course everyone can change the rules however they want to cover Martian Tripods but this is my take and I hope to make these Critters just a little bit better than anything Humanity can field against them. I have built one Tripod so far and will eventually put a second together but that’ll be it.

FUBAR VSF Martian Tripod Rules

The Breakdown table is replaced with the below ‘Event’ Table I still want Martians to experience surprises on an Activation Roll of ‘1’ but of course these are highly evolved Fighting Machines so are not prone to just breaking down…

  1. SPLAT! Some local wildlife, i.e. a cow has just been squashed by your machines foot carry on as normal this turn
  2. SQUISH! Your front right foot is stuck in mud or a badger house or something like that -1 on next activation roll
  3. AAAAAH! Martian Error!!! A slipped tentacle results in forward motion locked on move straight forward 2D6
  4. OOOH! Marconi wireless waves cause interference to the tripod controls steering locked no turns next activation
  5. CRUNCH Uneven ground causes instability -2 off next activation roll
  6. Uh Oh! Roll on the Damage Table'
The standard Damage and Catastrophe Tables are used for hits on Tripods with the following updates:

All Crew and Suppression Hits are ignored

A ‘5’ result on the Damage table is rerolled:
1,2 or 3 equals a ‘2’ result
4,5 or 6 equals a ‘4’ result

After the FORTH Steering Broken result the Tripod’s steering is broken no more turns allowed

After the FORTH Immobilised result the Tripod is immobilised

After the FIRST vehicle wrecked destroyed etc result randomly select a weapon that is ‘out of action’

After the SECOND vehicle wrecked destroyed etc result the Tripod’s maximum speed is reduced to half

After the THIRD vehicle wrecked destroyed etc result the Tripod is destroyed

Note a roll of ‘6’ on the Damage Table followed by a roll of ‘6’ on the Catastrophe Table destroys any Tripod it’s considered a critical hit!

I have included the following clarifications into the FUBAR VSF rules concerning how Tripods activities are covered:

Tripods Full Speed:     12”
Tripod Half Speed:      8
Tripod Turning Circle: N/A

Tripods have three weapon systems on board:
Heat Ray                     Range 50”       8D6 no -1 over half range      Fire every second turn *
2 x Rocket Pods         Range 60”       2 x 3D6                                   Fire every turn 
3 x Black Smoke        Range 18”       3 x 2D6 no -1 over half range Fire every turn * +

* Can’t fire at Human Avionic Contraptions
+ Ignores cover modifiers only affects exposed i.e. foot targets saving throw is always 5+ against this

A stationary Tripod may fire all three of its weapon systems with a +1 aiming bonus

A Tripod may move up to half speed and fire two of its weapon systems

A tripod may move full speed and fire one of its weapon systems

Next Time some Martian Tripod FUBAR VSF eye candy!


  1. Hi Captain. Can I use your Tripod rules? I have decided to use Fubar and some Martians will be involved.

  2. Hey Ben!
    Feel free to use any FUBAR VSF stuff I've posted, there's more on Landships and Flyers too.
    Note these rules make Tripods really tough like in the novel but tweak them if you want them more vulnerable!
    Looking forward to your AARs and thoughts on FUBAR!