Tuesday 23 February 2016

Generic Landship Hulls!

I have completed three landships for my VSF gaming so far and because I am enjoying making them so much  already have plans for four more which is not really a problem as you can never have enough Landships! BUT how many of these will I ever get on a tabletop at once I thought so I began to ponder and thought if I make a generic hull which I can slot a superstructure into then I can make as many of those as I want and just chop and change them on the generic hull as I require them for games! Brilliant I hear you say well not quite but it's a cool idea to try out.
Now never doing anything by halves I created two generic hulls. These are made like the previous ones with 0.5mm, 1mm and 2mm sheet styrene and Lego 28mm wagon wheels. I have used round 'bows' and a sloped 'sterns' with a coal chute and towing points. There is a hatch on the starboard side and a tow chain on the port...Ahoy! (just put that in to go with the nautical lingo).

So once a superstructure is made it's a simple matter of attaching it to the top of the hull by sliding it into place. See in the example below with a bit of styrene substituting for a superstructure it fits in the top of the hull and the two arrows show the way it will get slid into place...

After sliding the superstructure forward it is 'locked' into place, you'll see in the picture below in our example the left arrowhead is now hidden, gravity is more than is required to hold it in place.

Okay I'll be off to build some superstructures now!

Next Time back to 'The Russians Are Coming!' Scenario Four details and AAR...

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