Sunday 1 May 2016

Laser Cut 'Flying Machine Stand'

As you know from recent Posts I recently completed several TOBSEN77 flying machine kits all of which came with a 4cm high clear plastic stand. For me this wasn't nearly tall enough and I've been thinking about updating them since. I then saw on EBay a Polish seller with laser cut flight stands for AUD3 which were 16cm high much taller than the kit one. Also the base plate is 9cm in diameter so for all but really heavy flying machines it should be pretty stable. I took the plunge and ordered one and am happy with it so will get 6 more for the rest of my TOBSEN77 kits. The one small issue I had with it is I have drilled round holes in my kits for their current stands and the laser cut one of course had a square 'pin'. I tackled this with a file and a few minutes later the stand and flying machines were compatible. I will eventually insert a bit of metal rod into the top of the new stand as I suspect the 'hard' clear plastic has little give so may one day break. Oh and during play to mark height levels I'll just use a die on the stand base and for low level I will switch back to the kit supplied stands.

Here is the comparison of the kit and EBay stands...

New Stand

Original Stand

Catch you all soon!


  1. I'd think that using the tall stand for "flying high" and the original for "ground attack" would be sufficient. That's all I ever really use as far as altitude is concerned.

    1. Hey J I was considering 3 flying levels but your suggestion sounds good and keeps in line with my want for simple rules...