Wednesday 10 December 2014

Captain Darling in 28mm!

During the 1880 campaign in the Adelaide surrounds Captain Darling was an officer serving with  Lieutenant-Colonel Downes staff and he dressed accordingly.

He wore a tailor made uniform and looked the epitome of the dashing Victorian officer: 
  • Foreign service helmet with cloth puggaree - reportedly stained with a good scotch rather than tea! 
  • Blue tunic styled on the 1878 pattern undress frock coat with gold plated buttons - Darling preferred blue to scarlet for his tunics he commented it complemented his deep aqua eyes better!
  • Tan baggy pants
  • Custom black boots from London with tan puttees
It was not unusual to see the good Captain at the front with a Martini-Henry rifle in his hands while in the thick of action but he usually sported the below weapons: 

  • A Webley Mk4 pistol in a leather holster on his belt
  • A  Pattern 1845 sword
His belt buckle was often remarked on as it was a custom item in gold and featured a crown over the Egyptian symbol of  the 'all seeing eye', it was said he acquired this during his African campaigning and many rumours abounded about its magical portent and some said Darling dabbled in the dark arts of the African healers, better known in Imperial quarters as 'witch doctors'!

How how does one represent a legend in 28mm scale for gaming purposes well with a Perry miniature that's how!

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