Friday 19 December 2014

South Australian Force In 28mm

We have seen Captain Darling rendered in 28mm well it's time to show the figures representing the South Australian Volunteer Riflemen and gunners.
Selecting figures to represent the South Australian militia forces was an interesting task and determining the paint scheme was even more challenging. In the years since the Colony of South Australia was declared the militia wore a wide variety of uniforms and this variety was still in existence in 1879 the year in which the campaign I am recreating was waged. After speaking with a local uniform expert (Grant Napier, his website is standardization of the militia's uniforms and equipment was being introduced at this time and unsurprisingly the British army was being used as the model. Also since I am looking at company level actions I could avoid the unusual and bizarre uniforms some companies fielded. I've gone with Zulu War British figures and they are painted in colours typical of the British of the time which fits in with the standardisation that was occurring. Regarding the painting the webbing there are references to white, black and brown colours for the various items. I went with white so these figures can easily be used for British.
The figures selected are from the Warlord range, the British Zulu War ones. There are a total of 48 figures from two boxes.

They break down to:
  • 2 Officers with helmets
  • 2 Officers with caps
  • 2 NCOs
  • 2 Buglers
  • 40 Riflemen, 20 in various standing poses and 20 in various kneeling poses
The Captain Darling figure previously shown is a Perry metal from their Zulu War Naval Gatling Gun set.

The South Australian artillery uniform was much easier to research as Fort Glanville in Adelaide has a dedicted group of reinactors and they are a perfect model to copy!

A Warlord metal Zulu War 7lber gun and crew were used to represent these.

The South Australian Command:
From left to right: Bugler, Officer in helmet, Officer in cap, NCO

Close up sample of Riflemen in a movement base:

Close up sample of Riflemen with Captain Darling in a movement base:

All the Riflemen available for use:

South Australian Gun and Gunners:


Coming soon the Russian Invasion force in 28mm...

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